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In addition to these effects, there are also a number of field effects that occur during certain battles, such as when the player is fighting against Ultima.

In the Zodiac versions, these effects are also present during certain stages of Trial Mode.

Academia 400 AF is in a continual state of rain during the game.

When it rains, rain drops appear on the player's screen, like droplets on a camera lens.

Each change brings about different music and monsters.

The four types of weather are: "rainy", "sunny", "thunder", and "cloudy".

Weather can be predicted by non-player characters with the official weather Linkshell. Elemental weather has approximately a 1/3 chance to add a 10% bonus to the power of corresponding elemental spells, by player or by enemy.

As an example, Fire or Fireball would have a chance to be increased in power during a hot spell.Some enemies have the Ignore Weather passive ability, which makes them immune to weather and terrain effects, and the player can achieve the same by equipping the Agate Ring.The player may speak with Weather Eye to determine when the weather within the Giza Plains will change.An achievement/trophy called "Big Game Hunter" requires defeating the most powerful enemies from each weather type—Long Gui (Sunny), Ochu (Rainy), Immortal (Cloudy) and Yomi (Stormy).Some cactuar tablets only appear during certain weather conditions, and sheep are found roaming the plains in cloudy weather only.Chocobo digging during weather effects also gives a chance of the chocobo digging up a crystal of the same element as the weather effect.


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  4. Nearest cities: La Paloma-Lost Creek, TX (1.8 miles ), Spring Gardens, TX (2.5 miles ), Spring Garden-Terra Verde, TX (2.5 miles ), Tierra Verde, TX (2.5 miles ), Bishop, TX (2.6 miles ), Petronila, TX (2.7 miles) , Banquete, TX (3.1 miles ), Robstown, TX (3.1 miles ). Driscoll-area historical earthquake activity is below Texas state average. Source: Clifford Grammich, Kirk Hadaway, Richard Houseal, Dale E.

  5. The automatic update program is now called "Adobe Application Manager." The Adobe Application Manager can be launched from any of the CS5 applications using = updates.

  6. Everest indicate that the Main Central Thrust was active in the interval 24-22 Ma, but do not constrain its initiation.

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