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i already pay, for one membership, wanna try out does this site fake or not. Everytime i joined and want to chat with people, it always asks upgrade. He was very expensive flying back and forth to see me and her money for school, famly issues and sick cow did take a lot of money. Been using all kinds of dating sites to meet asian women and it turns our that there were only two sites which were not 1) Expensive 2) Fake 3) Exensive and Fake... Not saying that those sites will bring you what you are looking for but at least they worked for me and did not leave me broke and scammed.

I coversed with several people but got busy and did not have time to meet anybody. This time I did actually meet a nice Boy from the Philippines.

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Of course, all of a sudden, she has decided to book the tickets because she got a better price.

She was right, her price was only half what I could find.

All they really want is to con you into paying for a flight to your country in order to be your partner for life. I saw through the scam and have learned how to turn it around, making a great profit in the process.

They still haven't caught on and I am still turning a profit.

Most are easily identified by a reverse image search. Providing a “Report Abuse” form for members to report suspicious behavior.

We also rely on our valued members to report any suspicious or fake profiles they find on our site. I joined AD about 3 years ago with a one year membership.

I joined AD about 3 years ago with a one year membership.

First time I join dating site and only reason find some lady for married and only I know just fake people fake pictures and fake and fake and lie and lie I paid my one year membership and still every single time I sign in asking for upgrade and block my setting part please before pay for this crap think you just waste your money and time.

The first two are in Manila and we made plans to meet and see if we liked each other.

I got to Manila and received a text from the first saying my aunt is having a birthday and I cannot make it.

Providing a “Report Abuse” form for members to report suspicious behavior.


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  7. It's a scam using disclaimers to protect the site from being sued.

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