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The most famous American transgender person of the time was Christine Jorgensen, who in 1952 became the first widely publicized person to have undergone sex reassignment surgery, (in this case, male to female), creating a worldwide sensation.Virginia Prince, a transgender person who began living full-time as a woman in San Francisco in the 1940s, developed a widespread correspondence network with transgender people throughout Europe and the United States by the 1950s.Transgender people have been present in the land now known as the United States at least since the early 1600s.

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These include "berdaches" (a derogatory term for people born male and who assumed a traditionally feminine role), and "passing women" (people born female who took on a traditionally masculine role).

The term berdache is not a Native American word; rather it was a European slur covering a range of third-gender people in different tribes.

In 1879, We'wha, a Lhamana of the Zuni people, formed a friendship with anthropologist Matilda Coxe Stevenson in a Zuni pueblo.

The Lhamana were third gender people who were born biologically male, but dressed as women and performed traditionally female tasks, as well as serving an important role as mediator in the tribe. with Stevenson and several others, was introduced around town as "an Indian Princess" and met President Grover Cleveland. Joshua Gilbert, was the first documented trans man in the United States to undergo hysterectomy and gonadectomy, in order to live his life as a man.

Murphy, who's been a firefighter for four years, worked at Engine 7/Ladder 1 on Duane St. Chiarrez, who goes by the stage name Amber Vaughn, is a petite blond who underwent sex-change surgery. Murphy allegedly flew into a rage, grabbed his 30-year-old gal pal by her blond locks and dragged her for three blocks north on Broadway.

She claims to have been disqualified by "America's Next Top Model" and also appeared on "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency." The assault allegedly began outside Flashdance, a club at Broadway and 52st St., at p.m. The firefighter then tossed the 124-pound victim over his shoulder, marched to a phone booth, shoved her inside, choked her and left her there, documents charge. 35th St., where he grabbed Chiarrez by the neck, slammed her on the bed, put his hand over her mouth as she screamed, and began to "kick, punch and bite [Chiarrez] in various parts of [her] body," according to a criminal complaint.

One of the first documented inhabitants of the American colonies to challenge binary gender roles was Thomas(ine) Hall, a servant, who in the 1620's, alternately dressed in both men's and women's clothing.

Hall is likely to have had an intersex condition, and was ordered by the Virginia court to wear both a man's breeches and a woman's apron and cap at the same time.

Generally, according to Genny Beemyn in a Transgender History of the United States, what few historical accounts of transgender people that exist in early American history are of female to male transgender people, possibly because it was more difficult for male to female people to successfully present as women before the advent of sex-reassignment surgery and hormone treatments.


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