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Overall responsibility for certification lies with the banking industry itself and the process of evaluation is hidden from the public.

Despite our findings, none of the PEDs we examined are to be removed from service.

While the cards also contain a magnetic strip, that strip is supposed to tell the payment machine to use the chip.

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We have demonstrated that two popular PEDs, the Ingenico i3300 and Dione Xtreme, fail to adequately protect card details and PINs.

Fraudsters, with basic technical skills, can record this information and create fake cards which may be used to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad, and even some in the UK.

They presented their findings at the Black Hat computer security conference on Wednesday.

"There's a common misperception EMV solves everything."If the data on the magnetic stripe is altered it might fool the terminal," said U. The National Retail Federation has long complained about the upgrade, which is estimated to cost American retailers billion.This latest research shows that retailers could spend millions of dollars upgrading to EMV and still not protect their customers from a massive credit card theft like the Target and Home Depot hacks two years ago.Currently, retailers focus on protecting the computer network that support their payment system.But that leaves the actual conversation between your credit card and the machine in plain text, readable to any hacker who breaks into the system.They also said consumers should pay with special apps on their phones and watches whenever the high tech option is available.


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