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The story behind this landmark cover and how we got my sizzling young hunk to pose is a saga that deserves an X-rated story of its own.

Waiting between scenes in 2008 of TV's hit show, ONE TREE HILL, filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The original book cover for ERIC'S BODY published in 1993 created a sensation with its sizzling picture of a very naked hunk who was actually my hot lover, Toby, Manhattan's most sought after go-go boy.

This is the second book cover of ERIC'S BODY used in its reissue in 2001 by the Authors Guild of America's series of American classics.

I hated the cover which suggested nothing of the hot sensuality that made my book so popular.

He was too gentle for this world and should have never married.

Instead of the dead-end jobs he usually found, I always thought he would have made a brilliant teacher or pastor of a church.

Several of my most discussed and popular tales showcase these sexy athletes and some day I hope I can meet them again and let them know of their legacy.

After a career in journalism for 15 years, I moved to New York City in l979 and have enjoyed a successful career as writer.

When the "Plague Years" began to receive coverage in l980, the landscape changed forever here in Manhattan.

AIDS and its horrific aftermath destroyed the feverish exhiliration of being a sexually free male in the world's most hedonistic metropolis.

Andrea D'Allasandra is a mysterious but glamorous author, deemed 'The Mistress of Chills' by one reviewer.

All her work is noted for the feverishly paced action, strong sensuality and shocking endings.

My father was beautiful enough to be a movie star--but he wanted to be left alone.

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