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Guys, if you ever needed a reason not to use Facebook, then a wild fire spreading Malware trojan email would be one of them. i had the same problem after I upgraded from XP home to Vista Home Prem. it ended up being a setting in the 'internet options - connections - lan settings' both the bottom 2 boxes were ticked ' proxy server - use a port & bypass proxy. Unchecked the proxy settings (no idea why they reset...) and browsing worked.

Basically, it was the old faithful Malware trojan, where it would report that you had a virus on your computer and then direct you to a web page where you could download a virus checker. I also had or still have the same problem, it is intermittent so I don't know if it's fixed. I unticked them both & immediately was able to browse. Poor user had to trek the laptop into work from home, because it never occured to me while on the phone with him that a standard setting would be altered, mirrr.

had to re-enter what I had put in prior, but at least all the browsers are working again.

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Only one of the two wireless computers are having this issue as the other wireless system browses just fine. I have removed all anti-virus and anti spam,malware,spyware programs from the system as well as disabled all firewall or any programs that have the remote possibility of preventing or blocking the system from browsing.

I have also connected it direct to the cable modem via cat 6 cable to see if I can get it to browse.

I couldn't believe it when I found out that it had been sent around inside Facebook. Anyway, basically, the only way to get rid of this virus if you come across it is to download the latest Lavasoft product (Adaware FREE Download, have it). I am pretty sure that it is fixed because I have been online now for a while. In my frustration I also uninstalled Office2009 for student, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, and a few other apps I don't use. I have unplugged and replugged wires of dsl modem , have done shut off and shut on modem many times but could not worked. Anyway - if anyone cares, I did run the Norton removal tool because we used to use them, and unfortunately is was not the solution in this case - the Lan settings were.

Install it, restart your computer/laptop in safe mode, run the scan, clear the virus & reboot. I loaded the link from Microsoft that the fine user recommended earlier... My daughter was online playing webkins, don't think that was it. I have wired DSL connection and speed is 256 kbps . However, running the removal tool if you are uninstalling, or once used Norton but no longer do, is a sound idea.

I could ping just fine, Firewall was off, had no other problems. If the problem persists, continue using these steps. AVG is a good one or perskie I usto be a ferm Norton fan but I work for a mager hospital and it has done nothing but cause problems but its better that mcafee.

Couldn't figure it out so I went with a reinstallation, after reinstalling the problem still persisted. just an fyi Happened with linux, macos, winxp and win7, ie, firefox, chrome, and safari.

Which is a common ploy to get frustrated people to just up and buy their product.

So if anyone else has a solution to this issue other than complete low level reformat and reinstall please contact me or replay. This'll work 99% of the time, and it's good to do even if you don't have connection problems. Prince Crew My Tech thanks for your post, unfortunately I am unable to dowload these things onto my computer as I am unable to browse, I do not have norton, have uninstalled macafee and avg and antivira, but unable to browse on IE, and therefore am unable on my computer to download the suggested programs.

Somewhere Norton still lives inside your computer- even if you used the uninstall from windows. ran the AVG removal tool and the 'net was back after a reboot.

The one thing that did work was removing Norton by googling "remove Norton" and installing that program.

Restart Computer Also Try Resetting IE8 to Default Options Click Tools Tab Click Internet Options at bottom Click Advanced Tab on far right Click Reset near bottom Click Ok and Close Internet Explorer 8 Restart Internet Explorer 8 Thanks to all the suggestions- I tried all of them short of a baseball bat- but that never solved anything.

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