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A lot of women also confuse sexual openness for confidence.

Raging tankgrrl sluts are especially prone to believing that their sexual aggressiveness is the hallmark of feminist confidence.

Luckily, although we’re not the masters of dating, we know a few things about clothes, and we’re here to guide you through some clothing options.

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Men’s dinner attire looks perfect even if you keep things plain, and a well fitted black suit, white dress shirt and patent leather brogues are all you need to create a stylish, classic look.

You can add a tie or leave it as it is depending on how formal you want to go, but as long as the fit is right then extra accessories aren’t important.

To accomplish this, she has learned the art of the coquettish cougar pawing, whereby much skin is displayed and all coyness is tossed out the window.

What we have learned from this thought experiment is that fat hastens the day of reckoning by about fifteen years.

The rationalization hamster was strong in these survey results. Maxim #85: As women’s bodies age and weaken, their rationalization hamsters grow bigger and stronger.

Eventually, the hamster is powerful enough to take control of all higher order consciousness. Five years into the experiment, at age 25, Girl A’s relationship has degraded to the point of hurting her pride as a woman, while Girl B continues enjoying the love and affection of her lover.

And yet, even ancient grandmas will smear lipstick and rouge on themselves before heading out the door for dinner. So the compulsion to care what people think of us never disappears completely; it just fades away as reality continually reconfirms the uselessness of caring very much for something that long ago escaped our scope of influence. I figured mirrors would be in more homes than that.

Interestingly, this survey result contradicts the survey result directly above it.

Girl B remains sexually enticing, though less so than at age 20, but enough of her value remains that her boyfriend does not entertain leaving her to try his hand at an upgrade. People avoid interacting with her for fear of contracting a loser virus. At 40, Girl B has accepted that the greatest source of her power, and hence, her happiness, is gone — her beauty teases with hints of a former loveliness, but that’s all it is; a tease.

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