Dating sim demo

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Dead Wishes – the characters and story were fantastically crafted.

After each route I was left with an unsettled feeling, as I tried to work out whether I had made the right choice or not.

I always adore seeing CGs at the end of games, it gives me a bit of a sense of completeness.

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plays as a cross between a visual novel and dating sim, allowing the player to strike up friendships, make decisions on how to proceed through the game, or just have a romantic fling.

The game explores various themes relating to sexuality and identity, through the use of a very tartan fantasy setting.

To find a new life for yourself, you will be set on the path of one of four very unique characters.

Each character has 3 endings, and most, spell a bad end for our sweet MC.

You will notice that rather than calling Dead Wishes an otome, I’ve opted for the term ‘dating sim’.

That is because the MC in Dead Wishes is genderless but can be named, so dating sim is a more appropriate term.

Now Alexander has given us more to try out, which has doubled the time we get to spend with before, the game focuses on the story of a merry band of orcs.

These orcs are special, in that they’re all rather gay, and are travelling together from an annual orcish assembly in the Highlands of Scotland.

The full version will feature twelve routes and will potentially be released December 2018.

If you’d like to buy me a coffee, it’d be much appreciated it, a lot of time and energy is spent on writing posts and walkthroughs.

They’ve very kindly sent me through a walkthrough to post up here.


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