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We can do that by finding all the entities with addresses in Paris, then creating all pairs of such entities and finding the shortest path between each such pair: By default index tracking is done synchronously.That means updates to fulltext indexes are part of same transaction as the originating change (e.g. While this guarantees instant consistency it has an impact on performance. In this example the index updates are consumed in transactions of maximum 50000 operations or 5000 milliseconds - whichever triggers first will cause the index update transaction to be committed and rolled over.web-api) while sending headers / payload to import JSON as stream of values if the JSON was an array or a single value if it was a xml(' 'x Path',config, false) YIELD value as doc CREATE (p: Person) SET = load from XML URL (e.g.

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All soundex procedures by default assume the used language is US English.

will take a url or email address and try to determine the domain name.

Indexes are used for finding nodes in the graph that further operations can then continue from.

Just like in a book where you look at the index to find a section that interest you, and then start reading from there.

usage map of label and properties which will be searched upon, operator: EXACT | CONTAINS | STARTS WITH | ENDS WITH, search Value ) returns all the DISTINCT Nodes found in the different First Column(statement, params, expect Multiple Values) - executes statement with given parameters, returns first column only, if expect Multiple Values is true will collect results into an format(12345,('ms|s|m|h|d'),('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss zzz'),('TZ')) get string representation of time value optionally using the specified unit (default ms) using specified format (default ISO) and specified time zone (default current TZ)fuzzy Match(text1, text2) - check if 2 words can be matched in a fuzzy way.

Depending on the length of the String it will allow more characters that needs to be editted to match the second String.

web-api) to import XML as single nested map with attributes and _type, _text and _children fields.

This method does intentionally not work with XML mixed mongodb.find(host-or-port,db-or-null,collection-or-null,query-or-null,projection-or-null,sort-or-null,[compatible Values=true|false]) yield value - perform a find,project,sort operation on mongodb collection|Node|list, ) yield nodes, relationships expand the subgraph reachable from start node following relationships to max-level adhering to the label filters, and also return all relationships within the subgraphapoc.periodic.rock_n_roll_while('some cypher for knowing when to stop', 'some cypher for iteration', 'some cypher as action on each iteration', 10000) YIELD batches, total - run the action statement in batches over the iterator statement’s results in a separate thread.

Do a parallel search over multiple indexes returning a reduced representation of the nodes found: node id, labels and the searched properties. Search Reduced( map of label and properties which will be searched upon, operator: EXACT | CONTAINS | STARTS WITH | ENDS WITH, search Value ).

A full text index allows you to find occurrences of individual words or phrases across all attributes.

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