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Remainder of collection is material re Vanderwall’s artexhibit at the Louisiana Acadian Bicentennial (1955-56); three issues of The Federalist, “Labor’s Paper ” (April, 1955), which includes articles re the celebration and reprints of Vanderwall’spaintings; posters of the event. 23 items.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 20BYRON HUMPHREY EDITORIAL CARTOONSAcc. Chaffraix and Champomier & Giraud New Orleansmerchant companies. Banks to Major General Halleck, Commander in Chief, USA, dated Feb 20, 1863, re the “Battle of the Handkerchiefs.” Banksdescribed the event as a “brilliant victory” during which federal troops “captured” 3,000handkerchiefs, 1,000 fans, 600 parasols & parasolettes.21 items.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 17BIRCH AND OUVRY FIRM PAPERS8Acc. #’s: 1980.88.1-200, 1980.124.1-153,1981.47.1-104, 1981.106.35-123, 1983.23.1-26Feb 16, 1975 – Dec 18, 198214 oversize boxes Humphrey was the editorial cartoonist for the New Orleans States Item and the New Orleans Times Picayune during the years 1975-1982. # T12.1998.1-3 on exhibit in 1850House.***************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 25CAMP CLAIBORNE PAPERSAcc. ft Daily bulletins, training schedules, from 34th Division of Camp Claiborne.****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 26JOSEPH LLADOS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION LEDGERAcc.Includes some signed promissory notes,receipts, land and slave sales, parts of a succession, and a separation from bed and board.

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The colonial document collection includes petitions by slaves requesting manumission,applications by merchants for licenses to conduct business, requests by ship captains forabsolution from responsibility for cargo lost at sea, and requests by traders for permission toconduct business in Europe, the West Indies and British colonies in North America****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 2SPANISH JUDICIAL RECORDSAcc. These requests, usually grantedupon proof of native ancestry, are also a part of the collection.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 3FRENCH MANUSCRIPTS, MISSISSIPPI VALLEYAcc.# 1852.1-40May 7, 1679-Mar 23,1769.5 ln.

ft Includes 1724 Code Noir [1852.1.23], letters patent regulating Superior Council, decrees recurrency values, edict re validating marriages, appointment of La Chaise and Perrault to audit Company accounts, regulation re land concessions, prohibition of governors to imprisonresidents, maritime regulations, proclamation establishing Superior Council of Louisiana,regulations concerning payment of servants, carrying passengers, protection of stores andfirewood; regulation concerning preservation of all notary drafts; letter re tobacco; resolutionuniting Illinois Indian land in Louisiana government; proclamation re establishment of the Company of the West; ordinance granting Louisiana trade to Crozat; declaration re choosingtutors, prohibition of young people to sell their slaves; prohibition of the killing of livestock;regulation re sale of slaves; authorization for the establishment of the Jesuits; regulation for theconcession of land.

3 items.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 18FRERET COLLECTION(David Hunt Papers)Acc. ft; 1 oversize box Papers re Hunt & Smith Co., mercantile business in Huntston, Mississippi (Jefferson County),near Natchez, Mississippi. Edwards, Dave Treen, other national, state and local politicians, Brilab, “Korean Probe,” NOPSI transit strike, Charity Hospital, public schools, gambling, state/local agencies, New Orleans sportsteams/events, Ku Klux Klan, New Orleans Athletic Club, Superdome, crime, Mardi Gras. Beauregard’s death, ticket for ballroom ride.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 23LOUISIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY(Papers of Robert Glenk)Acc. ft Includes correspondence (1877 – 1939), minutes (1897 – 1919), announcements, invitations,membership lists, committee reports. Apparently a separate ledger [notpart of the collection] was kept which cross-indexed the patient by name. ft; 4 oversize boxes; 5 folders o/s storage Includes Spanish American War scrapbook.****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 28OCTAVIA CAMPBELL WHITE PAPERSAcc. ft Letters, manuscripts, patent papers, clippings primarily re lawsuit brought against Mc Cormick Harvester Co., for infringements on Alexander Campbell’s [1791 – 1855] patents for a reaper. Claiborne to Samuel Smith re appointment of William Marshall, collector; Confederate General Order # 9 re approval of court martial sentences; letter from Charles Etienne Arthur Gayarre[1805 – 1895] to his acknowledged natural son Charles Nicolas Arthur Gayarre, f.m.c. # 9288.1-141864-186516Currell was a major in the Confederate army.

Mostly letters, some receipts (for goods purchased and servicesperformed). Otherimages depicted are alligators, Napoleon, streetcars, state seal, Jackson Square. Although the majority of this collection has been arranged, additional items belonging in thisrecord group have since been identified and placed in the collection.*************************************************************************11RECORD GROUP 24LELONG FAMILY PAPERSAcc. Some of theprescriptions are signed by [Rudolph] Matas, others by Madame L[ouise] Verges [Vergez}, sagefemmede la faculte de Toulouse [midwife of the faculty of Toulouse ]. #’s: 11688,11815,11829,11931,12119,12147,12224,12284,12486,12519c. Includes some correspondence with Cyrus Mc Cormick. Denechaud as Secretary, Immigration Division, Louisiana State Boardof Agriculture. ft, 1 o/s folder Miscellaneous material pertaining to William Beer [1849 – 1927]; genealogy of Napoleon I; letter by W. [b.1825] AKACharles Gayarre, Jr., challenging the latter’s attempt to pass for white (1859); certificate ofmembership in Louisiana Histrionic Association; letter from Mercantile Library Association;documents relating to Schweitzer family: naturalization paper, voter registration, passport; letter re Civil War naval operations on Mississippi river below New Orleans (1862); nineteen documentsrelating to state expenditures for criminal prosecutions. The collection pertains to the exchange of prisoners ofwar in the Mobile area.

Originally housed with “English Language documents.”*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 8ESTATE OF JACOB HART PAPERSAcc. ft Family and business interests as documented in the succession of Jacob Har, an early nineteenthcentury Louisianan. ft Originally housed with “English Language documents.” Houses working papers of Louis T.

Originally housed with “English Language documents.”*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 9COPIES OF LOUIS T. Caire, New Orleans notary public and rough drafts of various types of documents along withsome certified copies of documents written by Caire.

Includes Unzaga proclamation3re fires; Galvez proclamation regulating locally produced foodstuffs and services; order of Carondelet re policing the Mississippi River.

Documents re transfer of Louisiana to United States: proclamation of Laussat declaring re-establishment of French rule in Louisiana andproclamation by Salcedo setting forth procedures for the transition of government from Spain to France. This collection has been microfilmed.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 5LOUISIANA STATE TREASURY RECORDSAcc. ft (25 boxes); 2 oversize boxes This collection contains business records about the early state department of the treasury.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 6NEW ORLEANS LAZARETTO WARRANTSAcc. ft Fiscal records generated during the establishment of a “Quarantine Ground” for leprosy victims.

The Louisiana State Museum Historical Center, housed in the Old United States Mint, opened its doors in January, 1977.

In addition to maps and manuscripts, the Center houses sheet music, microfilm, scrapbooks, pamphlets, and newspapers.

Includes statement of affairs of Ferridays & Co., New Orleans, bound volume,accounts of Hunt & Smith (1805 – 1807), notice of public slave sale (in Mississippi). 1877Includes material re negotiations for a loan to the Confederacy to be made by a French banker;1867-8 state constitutional convention; 1876 gubernatorial election; passenger list of “S. Kenner aboard, traveling under assumed name); Duncan’s Oath9of Allegiance and Amnesty. Collection has been arranged (by accession number) and photostatic copies of images arrangedby date of publication for use of researcher. #’s: 022 – 3000T005.2003, T006.2003, T008.2003, T010.2003, T011,2003, T012.2003, T013.2003, T014.2003. ft; oversize box; 8 folders o/s storage See also oversize record group storage boxes for accession #’s 148, 2637, 2655, 2803, 2824 -25)Very eclectic collection. Washington letter, Charity Hospital expenses(1821), draft of Louisiana petition to Congress for statehood, W. C Claiborne circular (Mar1814), botanic scrapbook, Library Society subscription (1808), documents pertaining to slavery,letter to Edward Livingston, Globe Ball room lease (1855), two Civil War soldiers letters, General order re plantation regulations (1865), poem written by Fr. The1885 city directory lists Verges’ address at 188 Royal street.**************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 27W. Other correspondents: Benjamin Palmer, Jefferson Davis, other members of Campbell’s family.****************************************************************RECORD GROUP 29CHARITY HOSPITAL PAPERSAcc. ft Records of the Treasurer’s office of Charity Hospital, New Orleans: administrative files andcorrespondence dealing primarily with historical revenues, supplies, buildings. Many circular letters, information about available vacant lands in Louisiana and thepotential development of same, letters written to and from Denechaud in his official capacity reagricultural conditions, potential agricultural industries such as bee farms, cattle raising, timber, the Negro State Fair [1913], rice, etc.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 34NATHANIEL COX PAPERS15(George Smith collection)Acc.# 9334b.10.1-71802 – 1809Letters written between Nathaniel Cox and Gabriel Lewis. re social, political and economic conditions in New Orleans. Includes various warrants, travel expenses,room rent for judges chambers, fall term, 1830.*******************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 36JAMES CURRELL PAPERS(Mrs. Includes document permitting passage through Federal lines; Currell’sletterbook re the exchange of prisoners (May 21, 1864 – April 27, 1865; 76 pages; poor condition).14 items.******************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 37CENAS FAMILY PAPERSAcc. ft; 1 oversize box; 1 folder o/s storage Collection of letters, papers, memorabilia of Hilary B. Documents nineteenthcentury education, travel, travel routes (especially over water), economy, politics, slavery,construction costs and supplies, medicine, mourning customs, hurricanes, yellow fever, cholera, Jenny Lind, Oakley plantation, railroads, Lafayette’s visit to the United States 1824-25,antebellum banking problems in New Orleans, 1844 presidential election, dueling, gambling, St.

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