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Attracting settlers proved difficult, however, and most of the earliest inhabitants were “undesirables” sent from Portugal, mostly Jews.

In time these settlers found the volcanic soil of the region suitable for agriculture, especially the growing of sugar.

The connection could be from Sao Tome St Thomas or from Portugal or Spain.

This line of family were Catholic and possibly Jewish in the past.

I have always wondered why a particular line of my family took part in the Catholic traditions.

I calculated Charlotte would be my 6x great grandmother.

The book I have regarding the family was written by the descendants of the slave owner so I doubt my x6 great grandmother would have told them the truth.

The book also states “The Scott’s Hall Maroons were bound by a 1739 treaty to keep the peace and supress the war” and this explains why when my 6x great grandmother and her children were recaptured it said the maroons brought her in.

The Maroons who signed a treaty had to abide by the rules of the officials who granted the land.Africa, African American slavery, African tribes, Bantu tribe, Black history, Carribean slavery, Catholic Church,, Deutronomey, Ga, Gad tribe, Hebrew, Igbo, Igbos in america, Jews, Jewish slavery, Lopez, Lopez connection,, Maroons, Nigeria DNA, Quartey, Slave, Uncategorized The ancestors found were Igbo & Akan described in Jamaica as Eboe & Coromantee Before I get into the exploration of who these ancestors are I’m going to drop this Jamaican poem here According to records my first ancestors into the new world were Charlotte (birth 1765ish) and William senior (birth 1767) and their descendants they started the lineage that I stem from in Jamaica. Charlottes son Quamin formerly known as William had Billy also known as William after his father.Charlotte was described as Igbo in the census listing on the plantation. Creole was sometimes used to describe people born on a different island such as America or a different Carribean Island. I have already discovered a line of family born in America from this side of the family and every record points to them stemming from this William or his relatives.This is my only slave ancestor to die rich according to records.The distance from Kingston, Jamaica to Carrefour, Haiti is 261 miles and if there were a direct flight, it would only take 35 minutes on a plane.The first successful settlement of São Tomé was established in 1493 by Álvaro Caminha, who received the land as a grant from the crown.

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