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I was sad when the tv show didn't have a 3rd season.

See the behind the scenes workings of the horse racing scene and learn how hard these tough little guys work to make 1200 pound horses perform for us.... Some consider thoroughbred horse jockeys, pound for pound, the greatest of athletes.

I've always agreed, but watching this series, I agree even more.

Animal Planet brings viewers into a world dominated by ferocious rivalries, fierce bonds and extraordinary risk as it documents the behind-the-scenes lives of jockeys and their magnificent racehorses. JOCKEYS follows numerous athletes as they compete amongst each other during the course of a 30-day racing season.

Thoroughbreds - equipped with oversized personalities and big dreams.

The track announcer re-did the race calls to give more attention to the riders featured in the show.

But unless the viewers are die hard race fans I don't think they would pick up in it .I suppose they were trying to show the Macho Factor of race riding, to bring in the casual reality TV viewership, but it gives a skewed view of the sport that I found irritating.Other than that, it is a great series and invaluable to anyone interested in the backstretch of a major race track.I also have another son who is playing freshman football and a daughter who plays soccer.Doing the studio show meant I went to New York on Saturday night [from his home in Northern Kentucky] and typically came home on Monday morning. I may never be as good as John Madden, but it doesn't mean I can't do a good job in my own right, and that's all I am trying to do." NBC executives had always planned to replace Madden with Collinsworth, who co-hosted the network's studio show for the past three years; the timetable got moved up dramatically when Madden announced in April that he was leaving NBC's broadcast booth.

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