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Certainly, there’s something in the idea that a robot could be a viable substitute for human intimacy – or even a good old-fashioned bonk – that is unsettling.

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The hosts were visibly unnerved by the revelations, which prompted guest psychologist Emma Kenny to chime in.

She pointed out that by supporting sex dolls, and to a further extent, sex robots, people are commercializing the female body.

Others, such as the intriguingly monikered Harmony, are programmed to spout sweet nothings such as “I don’t want anything but you”.

She is also programmed to know her owner’s favourite sex position, and can have what her manufacturers call a “robogasm”.

The advent of the sex robot has come to the attention of academics, too with Dr Kathleen Richardson, a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in the UK, suggesting that sex robots, not least the ones that look like humans, be banned.

“If people think they can have an intimate relationship with a machine then it says something about how we view relationships with real people,” she is quoted as saying at the 2015 Web Summit in Dublin.

The future may be here now—a sex robot surprisingly appeared in a British morning TV show.

Affectionately called “Samantha” by co-creators Arran Squire and wife Hannah Nguyen, the sex robot was turned off for the duration of the interview on the TV show “This Morning” to prevent it from saying anything inappropriate.

Can a sex robot really be a substitute for the real thing?

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