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They want to help people skip over the likely awkwardness of a ‘blind’ first date via the existing chat-based apps by allowing users to have live video conversations.

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They noted there is an obvious use in adding a video component to the wildly popular dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge.

As Chris explained, there’s a company in Boston doing just this with a video-first dating app- “The idea they’re working on is really compelling.

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Let’s hope Magic Leap rolls out their Mixed Reality Lightfield technology soon. Here’s an explanation of the wildly futuristic technology and its differences from VR and AR by Magic Leap founder, Rony Abovitz- “Augmented reality really got attached to looking through the video screen of a mobile phone or tablet or something like Google Glass.

And then virtual reality, which has largely been associated with stereoscopic headphone, whether it’s Google Cardboard, or some of the other types of devices.” In mixed reality, computer-generated images are layered on top of the real world.

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Here are the five key trends Chris and Ryan believe will shape the future of live streaming.

Live streaming could provide existing non-video applications with an additional layer of virtual interaction.

The next two topics discussed have long been considered the most enthralling frontiers of live streaming — integration into 3D experiences and Virtual Reality.


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