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On this week's episode of First Dates Ireland, a young man named George manages to dig himself into an awful hole when he engages in a debate about which which gender is better at making sandwiches.

Yep, you can actually see the fear spread across his face.

Whatever the flaws in their relationship, he told himself, being with her was better than being single in Portland again. Now in his early 30s, Jacob felt he had no idea how to make a relationship work. Would permanence simply happen, or would he have to choose it? All of a sudden I was going out with one or two very pretty, ambitious women a week. They dated for a few months, and then she moved in.

Around this time, he signed up for two online dating sites:, a paid site, because he’d seen the TV ads; and Plenty of Fish, a free site he’d heard about around town. At first I just thought it was some kind of weird lucky streak.” After six weeks, Jacob met a 22-year-old named Rachel, whose youth and good looks he says reinvigorated him. (Both names have been changed for anonymity.) Rachel didn’t mind Jacob’s sports addiction, and enjoyed going to concerts with him. She was from a blue-collar military background; he came from doctors.

You just tell us when and where you’d like to go, and we set you up with one of our millions of awesome singles.

The app maintains your privacy while finding you the perfect match behind the scenes.

The Vamps’ Brad Simpson, Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton and rugby player Keegan Hirst were among the celebrities to appear on last night’s episode, and Hirst’s date in particular was a bit of cracker.

In 2015, Keegan Hirst made headlines when he became the first rugby league player to come out as gay.

Jacob was single for two years and then, at 26, began dating a slightly older woman who soon moved in with him.

She seemed independent and low-maintenance, important traits for Jacob.

Last night, he was paired with Paddy White, a lad who loves a good innuendo.

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