Married women for dating in chennai

Dakshin Chitra will give you both plenty of opportunity to bond in the midst of exquisite art and architecture.Chennai has its share of chic and trendy cafes that provide a great setting for a date.You have replicas of different styles of homes from south India, art and even artists selling their wares.

They are not cheap (upwards of Rs.1000) but is well worth the time! It has a group of sanctuaries, which was carved out of rock along the Coromandel coast in the 7th and 8th centuries: rathas (temples in the form of chariots), mandapas (cave sanctuaries), giant open-air rock reliefs such as the famous Descent of the Ganges, and the Shore Temple, with thousands of sculptures to the glory of Shiva.

The Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Make sure you pack some food and water as there aren’t any restaurants in this area.

You can hire a boat from the local fishermen and enjoy the sunset while enjoying the boat ride.

Fear not, Chennai is packed with awesome places to go on a date. Fear not, Chennai is packed with awesome places to go on a date. Entry is free and you need to park somewhere outside.

This place is by far the best among all the dating spots in Chennai if you can stay on top of when they keep the park open!A slightly upmarket crowd compared to Marina beach.Watch out for elderly couples and men looking out to enforce Indian traditions and culture.Besant Nagar is a residential place adjoining Elliot’s beach.There are plenty of restaurants catering to every budget.Be wary of the cultural police or sometimes cops out to enforce Indian traditions.

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