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Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared in a photo that shows he he had done the same thing.

High-profile figures aren’t the only ones doing it.

The website,, also exposes the inside of daycare centers, airline hangars, hospitals and shopping malls in other parts of the world.

No one knows how pervasive this is; there’s no clearinghouse for such information. Earlier this month, FBI Director James Comey told an interviewer that he placed a piece of tape over the webcam on his own computer, and urged the public to follow suit.

Federal 990 forms are accessible through this service.

Grant activity of both grantmakers and grantees is also available.

Additionally Lexis Nexis Academic offers international resources in French, Italian, and German.

## ##The legal component of the database includes comprehensive, current legal information.

To learn more about how FOIA works, see the official website at You should make requests for specific records directly to that agency's FOIA office.

The contact information should be in an obvious place on the agencies' websites, or look at the page.

Cybersecurity experts said hackers are broadly exploiting the explosive growth in the use of webcams by using malicious software to quietly take remote control of the devices, sometimes within minutes.

A Toronto woman was photographed watching Netflix by a hacker who commandeered the webcam on her laptop.

their TVs,” said Murray Jennex, a cybersecurity professor at San Diego State University.


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