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Doubts about Category: Africa, Bay of Biscay, Brazil, Bronze Age, Canaan, Canarian Currents, Cape Bojador, Carthaginian, Celts of Gaul, Cheng Ho, Chinese, Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Eritrea, Erythraean Sea, Eskimo, Ethiopia, Galicia, Gate of Tears, Greek, Gulf of Aden, Iberia, India, Indian Ocean, Inuit, Lake Tana, Lake Titicaca, Lothal, Mandeb Straits, Mediterranean, Mesoamerica, Mohammed, Mtepe, North Equatorial Currents, oars, paddles, Peru, Pharoah Khasekhemy, Pharoah Necho, Phoenico, Punics, Punt, Rafts, Ras Shamra, Red Sea, Reed boats, sails, Skin-boats, Spain, Ugarit, West Mexico, Yucatan, Zheng He / Tags: East Africa seafaring, Mtepe, reed boats, skin-boats WEST AFRICANS & NAVIGATION by Harry Bourne [email protected] & NAVIGATION: Oliphantes to Ogowe This is to be seen as a companion piece for “East Africans & Navigation” that in turn is one of a series of papers discussing aspects of whether Africans Category: Africa, Aryan Invasion Theory, Atlantis, Austronesians, Balson Holdings site, Bantu Migration Theory, Benin Republic, Bissagos, Bissagos Islands, Brazzaville, C-14, Canary Islands, Canoes, Cape Verde Islands, Carthage, Carthaginian, Celtic, Congo, dogs, Drakensberg Mountains, Egypt, Fijian, furnaces, Guinea-Bissau, Hannno, Ijo, Ireland, Juba II, Kenya, Khwe, Lukenya Hill, Malian Empire, Mantenos, Mauritania, Mesoamerica, Morocco, Namibian coast, Niger, Nile, Ogowe, Oliphantes, outriggers, Phoenico, Polynesian, Ptolemy, Punic, Punt, Red Sea, Senegal, Skeleton Coast, South Africa, Stone Age, Stoneman / Tags: African seafaring, canoe, Khoikhoi Hi Friends– Regarding: the so-called “fantasy isle” of Frisland on the Zeno Map of 1380: Prince Henry Sinclair’s legacy as a New World voyager, savior of 4,000 stranded Greenland farmers, and pirate-fighter has been held hostage by doctrinaire historians who have claimed that the Zeno Category: bacalaos, Baffin Island, Basque, cod, codfish, Columbus, Denmark, East Coast, England, Fixland, Foxe Basin, Frisland, Greenland, Holland, Labrador, lumber, Magnetic North Pole, Newfoundland, North Atlantic, North Norway, Norway, Notre Dame Bay, Portuguese, Prince Henry Sinclair, Spanish Conquistadores, stockfish, Vitalien, Zeno Map, Zeno Narrative / Tags: Frisland, Prince Henry Sinclair, Vitalien Pirates This web site is dedicated to investigating mysteries of history and archaeology, some that arose long before Christopher Columbus sailed west, some that are more recent. There are articles by both amateurs and professionals, seasoned researchers and beginners, great writers, and people who simply have something to say. (See contributors’ guide) You may notice a close similarity to the name of a popular archaeology magazine, Ancient American.

We are not that magazine, but we cooperate with it frequently.

In fact, many of the writers you encounter here are also contributors to the Ancient American Magazine.

Yates Published September 2013 by Panther’s Lodge Cherokee Chapbooks #7 104 pp.

What if the history of America’s largest Category: Aztec, Bandelier inscription, Berbers, Book of Ballymote, California, Chaco Canyon, Cherokee, Coptic, Cyrene, Earth Mother, Egyptian, Father Sky, Grandmother Spider, Greece, Hopi, Hungo Pavi, Ibero-Celtic, Kokopelli, Kuskurza, Latin, Libyan, Libyo-Egyptian, Masaw, Middle Ages, Mixcoatl, Moctezuma, Ogam, Oklahoma, Osiris, Patuwvota, Punic, Quetzalcoatl, Quetzalcoatl’s Cave, Sanskrit, Sea of Cortez, Semetic, Shungnopavi, Sotuknang, Spain, Tokpela, Toltec, Uto-Aztecan, Zunis / Tags: Cherokee, Egyptian, Pueblo, Toltec, Zuni By, Art Burnett Howdy, One year into what should have been a full life time of work.

Yates, Panther’s Lodge Publishers, 2013) Summary Ever since publication of The Book of the Hopi in the 1960s the legends of the Hopi Indians of Arizona have been central to any discussion Expanded Chapter from Yates’ Old Souls in a New World © Donald N.

Yates 2005-2015 Old Souls in a New World, by Donald N.

Campbell Grant and his associates initially recognized a number of such projectile point petroglyphs within the Coso Range rock art tradition (Grant et al. The authors mention them briefly and only devote a single paragraph within their 147 page monograph.

However, even after mentioning them and providing pen and ink sketches of these elements and figures they did not attempt to date them.

Neither did they comment on the character of the figures or their possible meaning and function of the images of the projectile points themselves.

For this study, we relocated many of the Grant et al.

On March 11-14, 2015, with the assistance of Laraine Daly Jones and Doreen Crowe, we were able to take formal studio shots of the entire accession catalogued as 94.26.1AB-32. Yates March 1, 2016 Rob and I are now engaged in the following three-volume project. The depiction of realistic renderings of projectile point forms is an unusual feature at a handful of prehistoric rock art sites in the United States.


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