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When I got the chance to pick up a portion of Les Siegrist’s cycling estate, I was more interested in the Park Tool stand and hand tools than this wheelless, 22-inch Schwinn Sports Tourer, but I almost remembered Les riding it, and the Schwinn had a Nervar cotterless crank in pretty good condition, so I adopted the bike as well.If nothing else, it had been a while since I last had the opportunity to swear at French components.

The round sticker indicates we’re not looking at a Varsity or Continental.

An Internet search quickly led me to Mike Rother’s essay on Schwinn fillet-brazed bicycles.

This frame was manufactured in March (“C”) 1972 (“H”).

Here’s the clean and simple Schwinn Chicago head badge.

Of course, I don’t have the original freewheel and finding a five-speed with a 34-tooth cog is likely to be pretty difficult.

Most likely I’ll end up with a 14-28 and kiss that sweet climbing low goodbye.

The next year the company would begin importing lugged frames.

In a few more years, the United Auto Workers would unionize the Chicago plant, Schwinn would establish a relationship with Giant and try a new plant in Mississippi.

Sheldon Brown’s websites are a wealth of information for the bicyclist.


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