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Dinner at hotel Today we drive across the width of Ireland to the dramatically located harbour town of Sligo, our base for the next three days (3 ½ hrs).

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Within the graveyard is the only surviving round tower in Ireland that you can climb.

We will visit St Brigid’s Well, a place of peace and tranquility that has been revered since beyond memory.

The Brigidine Sisters, who maintain her perpetual flame, are a shining light for peace and have recently opened a new centre that we will visit when we go to meet them.

Free choice dinner not included The former monastic site of Glendalough meaning ‘Glen of the two lakes’ is set in a valley of great natural beauty and serenity surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains.

This town is about Bridget and we'll visit her holy well and the Brigidine Sisters who maintain her perpetual flame.

Nearby we venture into the Wicklow Mountains to visit Glendalough, an atmospheric former monastic spiritual community established fifteen hundred years ago by St Kevin.

Kildare Cathedral developed from this monastery in the early 13th century and is unusual in Ireland for being Anglican.

It contains a hidden ‘sheela-na-gig’, a pagan symbol of fertility and the feminine.

This mystical site has been revered beyond memory and for good reason, magic and secrets reside here.

What symbolism will you see in the stone carvings within the mighty cairn?

The panoramic views from the cairn on top are spectacular and we are able to crawl into the atmospheric chamber that has withstood the ravages of the Irish weather for five millennia and go within!


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