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Camille immediately dislikes Nicole, but John is smitten with her.

Gabrielle Carteris [ Brenda ], Julia Duffy [ Fran Dettweiler ], Jason Hervey [ Wally ], Susan Ruttan [ Doris Warner ], Carl T.

Evans [ Brenda's Husband ], Meagen Fay [ Doris's Friend ], Shireen Crutchfield [ Deena ], Katherine Pine [ Rhonda ], Miki Mootsey [ Edna ], Shevonne Durkin [ Joan ], Jaqueline Schultz [ Woman ], Joe Lala [ Man ], Nicky Blair [ Passenger ] Donald Camille believes that she is the new cruise director, but then learns she must share the position with newcomer Nicole Jordan.

David Birney [ Buddy Pomus ], Julie Hagerty [ Carrie Brook ], Sydney Penny [ Juliette Titelbaum ], Lark Voorhies [ Johari Mayfield ], Nick Kokotakis [ Scott ], Candy Ambuehl [ Tanya ], Michael Caldwell [ Crispin ], Kate Fuglei [ Marcia ], Mc Kenna Jones [ Jill ], Paul O'Loughlin [ Entertainer ] Will finds romance with a famous singer who is travelling incognito.

Jim assigns Danny to photo lab duty after catching him taking inappropriate photos of women.

Paolo is furious when his father--a nearly crippled race car driver--comes to visit him.

Paolo believes that his father abandoned the family, but Jim learns the truth from Mr. A couple meets through a singles activity group, but both parties are hiding secrets about their physical appearance.

Donald Jim's ex-wife comes aboard to celebrate Danny's 16th birthday, then decides that she wants to bring their son home.

Will, Camille, John and Suzanne are offered transfers to a better ship.

A couple who fell in love while playing Scrabble on-line meets for the first time as the ship hosts a tournament.


  1. Cuthbert's Nina has the majority of the most graphic and disturbing dialogue in the film, especially during one particular lunchroom scene where the camera is close up on Cuthbert and Belle's faces." Cuthbert appeared in the music video for Weezer's "Perfect Situation" in early 2006, playing the group's fictional original singer who threw a tantrum that led to Rivers Cuomo, the roadie, becoming frontman of the band.

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