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But the real surpise may also explain why his videos perform so well: Sawchuck didn’t get into this simply to promote his show.They are a 50-50 partnership with Los Angeles-based You Tube daredevil/stuntman Seth Leach, and more of the revenue comes from advertising and sponsorships.

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So he and Leach work backward from a cool title, concept or guest star, “and you write your story based on it.” Anything that promotes the live show is a bonus.

“It’s just one more branch of the tree,” Sawchuck says. Sawchuck’s happy to be back for the next season of The CW’s magic variety show, “Masters of Illusions.” And if 2.8 million people watch it, that’s still great by traditional standards.

There’s weird shadows, my face is all shiny, and I’m fine with all that.

It might even be good.” Lax doesn’t make money from the videos per se but does have a partnership with Diply to create “click-worthy content” and get it into the Facebook feeds of people who “Like” his page.

He shoots his videos square or vertical, because young people look at Facebook more on their phones, and don’t like tilting them into the horizontal position.

He subtitles most everything he says in huge block letters, because most people don’t have their audio turned up when they scroll through Facebook.

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He says the first one, “Escaping From Cops Using Magic — How to Drink in Public” took less than 20 minutes to film in downtown Las Vegas. “I don’t think most You Tube (stars) have a live show,” Sawchuck says.

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