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Over and over I hear my buddies and other men who see my wife say, how safisticated and sexy she looks.

She is style and fashion savy and works out everyday.

Well as you know my wife and I have entered into a lifestyle of me letting her date and be with other men.

At this point we had only had *********’s and she dated Tom once.

We actually ended up with 4 ********** with our friend Rob. She ended up working at the Spokane Airport on a swing shift and my job had me working day shifts. We are taking our time to get married but know we want to do it later.

My bf loves hearing about me and what I do when I go out with Jason (the...

Her hair was sexily mussed, lip stick gone, and she smelled of cologne, perfume, and *****.

I kissed her as she came in and told her she looked beautiful.You took time to learn more about each other, about your past and your dreams for the future.But here's the deal: Now that you're married, you need to do the same thing! And that's why dating shouldn't stop with marriage. It means you're going to have to make your marriage and your spouse a priority.Roger has played around out side of her ***** and has shot his ***** all over her vulva and used it for lube to make her ***. we had an agreement that she could have sex with others and our marriage has been "cuckold" type of marriage that works for us. My girlfriend Pamela (Pam) and I have been dating for 2 months and we are comfortably in the casual dating stage.My social life began to run into complications when Pam's best friend Jean, who thinks I am below her best friend.My wife has wanted to spend the weekend with her boyfriend ever since I suggested more than just an...

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