Dating game questions for bachelorette party

-Give every tree in the yard a big hug and tell each one that you love him. What is one quality or feature you would like to change about yourself? What is the main thing that attracts you to a girl/guy?-For the next hour wear lampshade on your head for a hat. If you had to be locked in a room with someone in this room for a week who would it be? What is the most daring thing that you have done in public? Do you have a crush on someone in this room, right now, have you ever? Tween / Teen Truth or Dare Questions ~ TRUTH What is your worst fear? Which is the most irritating habit of the person on your left?-Spin around with your head on a bat 5 times and then jump rope -Show everyone in the room how good you are at break dancing -Pretend you’re in bed and that you’re having a nightmare.

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Dating game questions for bachelorette party Zacks adult chat

Player to your right chooses who.-Put your finger in your ear then pull it out and lick it.-Push your nose up and oink like a pig.

Sniff all over the person to your left.-Pretend you’re a fashion critique at the academy awards and critique everyone’s outfit.-Pretend to read a page out of the diary of the person to your right. Tween / Teen Truth or Dare Questions ~ DARES -Peel a banana using your feet-Name a famous person who looks like each player in the room.-Use lipstick and write the word “funky monkey” across your face.

Another way to play is to write numbers on all the balloons before hand, and instead of calling out a name call out a number and whoever is holding that balloon must complete the truth or dare. One person starts a statement with “Never have I ever…” then they say something they have never done before.

Everyone who HAS done this before must give up one of their pennies.

Then it’s the next person’s turn to make a “never have I ever” statement.

If a person loses all their pennies they must complete a dare.Whenever the music stops everyone must grab a balloon.Call out a name and that person has to pop the balloon and complete the truth or dare challenge inside.It combines the thrill of T and D with the adventure of a scavenger hunt. Teams compete in an across town truth or dare game where they must stop at different locations and complete dares and challenges.They must then bring back the proof required to earn points.Keep it there at least an hour.-Using just your hand, make out with another person’s hand for one minute.


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